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The Art of Living Well Podcast®

Feb 2, 2022

We are truly excited to introduce today’s guest, Dr. Jed Kaufman.

Jed is a general and trauma surgeon working in Olympia, Washington who has spent many years having conversations around death and loss. Jed has so much valuable insight on the topic of death including how to discuss it with less fear and ending life with dignity.

In this important conversation, we dive into Jed's personal experience with the unexpected death of his teenage son, including how his family has managed.  We also discuss how a person can talk about death with kids. 

We discuss how death is a very uncomfortable subject for many people and Jed offers tips on how to experience and support others during times of grief, including why it is always better to say the wrong thing over saying nothing at all. Finding the language to discuss death can be very difficult and this conversation will help you feel more comfortable and better equipped to do so in the future.  Thank you, Jed, for this powerful conversation.

At the time of this podcast, Out of the Box, is not online yet. We will update the link when it becomes available.

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