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The Art of Living Well Podcast®

Nov 17, 2021

We are super excited to introduce today’s amazing guest, Kelly Love, who is the co-founder of Branch Basics, a wellness brand that creates home cleaning products using the most chemically sensitive ingredients as their benchmark for safety.

Raised in a home with all things conventional, it wasn’t until college that she experienced the power of living in an environment free of harmful chemicals along with eating according to the principles of Food as Medicine. All of the “normal” problems Kelly had experienced most of her life: dry and itchy eyes, painful menstrual cramps, joint pain, and even body odor disappeared.  She has experienced just how much our everyday choices impact our quality of life and she is passionate about helping others see and feel the connection. 

Branch Basics is on a mission to help people create healthy homes and experience the power of pure.

All three founders of Branch Basics started the company to help people toss the toxins and live healthy lives.  They started with the removal of cleaning products that contain some of the most toxic chemicals found in homes and really went back to the basics and discovered the power of pure!  Kelly and her founders have all experienced a real difference in their health from cleaning up the toxins in their life and we hope this conversation will inspire you to do the same.

During this episode with Kelly, she shares why we should all be concerned about the harmful ingredients that are in many of our household products. You’ll learn which ingredients are the most harmful, how to read labels, how you can simplify your cleaning products by getting back to the basics and practical tips and strategies that you can immediately implement into your life.      

We know that this can be overwhelming for many people, but Kelly really simplifies it and provides tips that make this less daunting and honestly more cost effective. We even dive into the topic of our microbiome and how it impacts our overall health, not just our gut health. 

What we put in, on, and around ourselves everyday matters, and we have more control over our health than we may realize. By simply removing products with harmful chemicals from our home, we can create a healthy home that is a safe haven for our bodies to heal and thrive. Branch Basics offer a product that can make replacing cleaning products stress-free and it actually works as well as or better than the harsh chemical cleaners. 

You will be so inspired to take the Branch Basics challenge to make your home environment a safe space and to “toss  the toxins” after listening to today’s insightful conversation with Kelly Love.

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