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The Art of Living Well Podcast®

Dec 23, 2020

We are thrilled to bring you today’s guest, Natalie Halt, who shares her very personal journey from being a professional water skier in her 20’s to becoming a sommelier, and most recently hitting her “rock bottom” and then finding a new passion in the world of zero proof drinks.

With roots in the culinary meccas of both New Orleans and Charleston, South Carolina, Natalie's love of all things food and beverage began early and has shaped her journey through present day. At 16 she moved to Florida to pursue an education and a career as a professional athlete. Meeting her husband, Frederic, at university meant a move to Geneva, Switzerland by the time she was 25. It was at this point that her deep love of wine began to grow. Sports always kept consumption under wraps, until the off-season, of course. In the heart of some of Europe's most incredible Old World wine regions, Natalie began expanding her palate with Austrian Rieslings, Burgudian Pinots, Bordelais Bordeaux and Austrian Gewurtz.

After the birth of her two sons abroad, Natalie returned to the States to infuse a little American into her Swiss babies. Charleston was where she resettled and for six years Natalie grew a yoga business supporting local yoga teachers. In 2018, Denver, Colorado beckoned and Natalie found herself nestled at the foot of the Rockies delving into natural wine. This led to a two year experience with direct wine sales, and her education to become a certified sommelier.

Natalie created a sellout wine course called Wine Speak in 2020, where she virtually trained novice and experienced wine lovers to more deeply appreciate and “speak” to the wine. 

On June 27th, Natalie had her gift of 'rock bottom’ and it has been a journey of recovery ever since. With incredible support from her husband and two sons, Natalie survived the mommy wine culture. As of the date this episode airs Natalie will be just 4 days away from her 6 month sobriety milestone. Today, she is expanding her wings into the world of zero-proof everything with sober bars and herbalism school on the horizon.

Natalie is really excited about Awake , Denver's first sober bar, which will provide an alcohol free sanctuary for this local community in the spring of 2021.

Special Offer:  Natalie is offering our listeners a free offer to have her curate a non-alcoholic beverage just for you! Simple DM Natalie directly at @MedicinalMixologist or @Natalie_Halt 

You can find Natalie on:

IG:  @TheMedicinalMixologist and @Natalie_Halt 

Books Natalie mentions:

The Easy Way to Control Alcohol by Allen Carr

Quit Like a Women

We Are The Luckiest

The Sober Diaries

The Naked Mind

The Artists Way

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