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The Art of Living Well Podcast®

Jul 27, 2022

We are very excited for this month's Health Transformation Audit with our very own co-host Stephanie.

Today's episode is all about guiding Stephanie to:

  • Visualize her ideal day and what's holding her back from achieving more calm and peace on a daily basis.

  • Identify her biggest roadblock to prioritizing mindfulness...

Jul 20, 2022

We are excited to welcome Jonah Salita, entrepreneur, creative consultant and a co-founder of Diall, a mental wellness platform. Jonah is also the creator and creative force behind Vasco Creative, an early-stage creative consulting firm. Additionally, he is the Chief Marketing Officer at Kavira Health.


Jul 13, 2022

We are excited to welcome Dr. Breanna Tivy, a chiropractor based in Minnetonka, MN, who is driven to help people continue doing what they are passionate about for a lifetime, whether that be performing well at a sport of choice, or simply being able to crawl around the floor with their grandkids. 

In addition to keeping...