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The Art of Living Well Podcast

Feb 19, 2020

Our guest today, Dr. Stephen Cabral, is a Board Certified Doctor of Naturopathy and founder of the Cabral Wellness Institute and 

At 17 years old, Stephen Cabral was diagnosed with a life-altering illness and given no hope for recovery. Everyday, he suffered endlessly for many years. It was only after Stephen traveled all over the world and discovered how to combine ancient Ayurvedic healing practices with state-of-the-art Naturopathic & Functional Medicine did he understand how to fully rebalance the body and re-energize it with life.

Today in Dr. Cabral’s online and Boston practice, where he and his team have completed over 250,000 client appointments, he uses Functional Medicine lab testing and Personalized Wellness Plans to help people rebalance their mind and body to recover from auto-immune, thyroid, fatigue, hormone, weight gain, digestive, childhood, mood, skin, and dozens of other hard to treat health conditions.

His mission is to help people understand that there is always a reason why you have not achieved your ideal wellness or weight loss goals and that you can and will get well again!

Even more credentials! After 20 years of research study completed, dozens of certifications in the natural health field, over 35,000 client appointments, and a Doctoral Degree in Naturopathy, you can rest assured that Dr. Cabral’s knowledge, experience, and compassion are at the top of his field.

Dr. Cabral also spent over 5,000 hours of formal doctoral degree work, which included 2,200 hours of internships. These internships were mainly spent overseas studying the very best of natural medicine (much of which is unknown here in the US).

His internships included actually studying, working, and living in clinics all around the world. This intimate setting allowed Dr. Cabral to talk in depth with the patients at these clinics and listen to their struggles and path to wellness. He also got to see first hand the remarkable recoveries these people were making. Some of these internship locations included India, Sri Lanka, China, Europe, and various practices in the US.

Both Stephanie and Marnie have studied and completed their Integrative Health Certifications (Level 1 and 2) under Dr. Cabral and the Integrative Health Practitioner Program. They both have loved having him as a mentor, guide and teacher as they journey through their studies.

In this episode Dr. Cabral covers so many topics with us. We dive into the differences between Eastern and Western based philosophies including Integrative Health, Naturopathy, Ayurveda and Functional Medicine.  

We also discuss the Rain Barrel Effect and how important it is to empty your rain barrel before it overflows. If you'd like to purchase a copy of his book all proceeds go to charity and it is a phenomenal book that we recommend reading.

The rain barrel discussion led us right into the topic of quarterly liver detoxes. Why you should detox and how they are different from a cleanse or diet. More detox info here

Dr. Cabral also shares with us that stress and inflammation are two of the most common problems people have today and a few tips that you can do immediately to work on these issues. He also stresses the importance of achieving equilibrium within the body, mind and spirit. 

He also touches on acne, longevity, stress, motivation and so much more. This is an episode you will not want to miss!

You can find Dr. Stephen Cabral on: (main page) (Cabral Concept podcast page)

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