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The Art of Living Well Podcast®

Jul 28, 2021

RE-RELEASE: This episode with Ben Leber first aired in March 2020 and we are re-running it today because it's a fantastic conversation filled with tips, strategies and inspiration on how to shift your mindset and overcoming your limiting beliefs.

Today's guest, Ben Leber, is a retired 10-year NFL linebacker who played for the San Diego Chargers (now LA), the Minnesota Vikings and the St. Louis Rams.  

Ben’s football journey began when he accepted a full-ride scholarship to Kansas State University in the summer of 1996. In his time at KSU, Ben was twice named to Big 12 All-Conference Teams, 3rd Team All-American team, and he ended up 5th in tackles in school history while graduating with a business degree. It’s a reflection of the hard work he put in to balance and excel in both football and academics. 

He went on to earn All-Rookie honors his first year in the NFL with San Diego as one of the starting outside linebackers. And while Ben found success on the field, it was how he carried himself off the field that stands out.  He was a player representative all 5 years that he played for the Vikings and he was named the Korey Stringer Good Guy award by the local media.  He went on to play his 10th and final year with the St. Louis Rams.

As Ben moved away from life as a professional football player, he knew he wanted to stay close to the game.  He began working for Fox Sports as a college football color commentator. He has worked his way up the ladder and he is now a full-time analyst working Nationally Televised games for the Big 10, Big 12 and Pac 12 Conferences.  He also maintains his life in Minneapolis and he began contributing and later working for KFAN radio. He appears on numerous radio shows throughout the week, mostly as a Minnesota Vikings/NFL insider. And this year he concluded his second full season as sideline analyst for the Vikings Radio Network.

Our conversation with Ben goes deep into the many lessons he learned while playing college and professional football.  He dives into how he learned to take feedback to improve his game. Ben opens up about a period in his earlier career where he had significant self-doubt about his ability to play at the collegiate level.  He shares the tools he learned and used to overcome these limiting beliefs. Ben also shares his “win from within” approach to success and how this mindset shift has helped him during his football career and during his transition to his current career as a broadcaster.  

The tips and strategies that Ben shares in our conversation are applicable to everyone, whether you are an athlete of any age, a parent, an adult and everyone in between. 

You can find Ben Leber on:

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