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The Art of Living Well Podcast®

Dec 4, 2019

In this episode we chat with Mollie Krengel. For Mollie, living with more meaning is not only a passion, she has made it her life’s work. 

Applying her degree in Human Biology, certificate in Positive Psychology and lifelong practice of dance, Krengel founded a grassroots and growing community called Wildhive in 2015.  A collection of mini adventures that unite community and bring play back into people’s lives. Wildhive evolved into annual women’s philanthropic adventures, combining the magic of travel, dance and meaningful volunteer work abroad.

Never more energized than when she travels, Krengel believes in the physiological, physical and mental benefits of travel. Krengel has a deep yearning to encourage everyone to experience its life-changing ways.

Understanding that there was likely a community who, like her, geeks out over travel research, Krengel sought to create a beautiful platform that brings passionate travelers together and, thus, Wild Bum was born. Now, through Wild Bum, Krengel shares her enthusiasm for travel, while creating a community to help people sell their hard-earned travel research and help those who find travel planning completely overwhelming. Wild Bum has become a global community of Guide Architects + travel-aspirers, founded on adventure, and living with more meaning.

A Guide Architect on Wild Bum herself, she is always dreaming of travel, dancing with her friends, and sparking up conversations with strangers. 

Learn more about Wildhive's mini & big adventures and sign-up to join our global platform & community at

Mollie is offering all of our listeners a 50% discount off of one of her amazing travel guides.  Simply reach out to her at or on social media (see links below) and mention this podcast for your code.

You can find Mollie at:

FB: Wildhivenow  and WildbumTravelGuides

IG: @molliekrengel / @the_wildhive / @wild_bum

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