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The Art of Living Well Podcast®

Jul 7, 2021

We are super excited to introduce today’s guest, MaryEllen Reider, who is the co-founder and director of Yarlap®, the wellness device to treat urinary incontinence and improve sexual performance and experience through muscle control.  MaryEllen and her dad have emerged as a leading voice in the pelvic floor and sex tech wellness space. She strives to empower women through their pelvic floor muscles because incontinence significantly impacts quality of life. It is widespread among women of all ages but It is a condition many find too personal to disclose.

MaryEllen shares how the physical discomfort and disruption may carry the additional emotional burden of shame and embarrassment that often occurs with leaks. That is where the Yarlap® come in to solve this common problem – it stops the cause of the leaks and is FDA Cleared to help you maintain urinal control! Plus, treating the cause is significantly cheaper than diapers and much more environmentally responsible.

Hey ladies out there? Did you know that it’s not normal to pee when you laugh? We know many people where this is unfortunately a common occurrence and one that most just chalk up to childbirth. 

We had so much fun learning about our very important pelvic floor muscles.  In today's episode you’ll learn about the amazing device that MaryEllen and her dad created, which does the exercises for you to tighten and control your pelvic floor muscles. 

We also discuss what the pelvic floor is, why it is so important for overall health, and that with the appropriate tools and techniques it is possible to achieve better orgasms, tone and control.

What is often surprising to hear is that weakening starts in your 20's. By the time we are in our 30’s, those muscles might be atrophied, causing self-taught pelvic floor exercises (like Kegels) to be impossible to do. Keeping those muscles toned and healthy are key to maintaining bladder control and intimacy wellness. 

This episode is a must listen to learn more about how you can prevent weakening in the pelvic floor and help regain the muscle strength you may have lost to live your best life. 

This is an unfiltered conversation so make sure that you don’t have young children in the room, just pop in a pair of headphones :).

MaryEllen has a special offer for our listeners. Simply use the code AOLW at checkout for $35 off your purchase of a Yarlap device.

You can find MaryEllen/The Yarlap on:

Instagram: @yarlap

FB:  @yarlapotc

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