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The Art of Living Well Podcast®

Apr 7, 2021

We are thrilled to welcome today’s guest, Chastity Lord. Chastity has spent two decades dedicated to dismantling systems of inequity for marginalized communities. She deeply believes that generational poverty is a social justice issue and that families are the best owners and narrators of their lives. History has proven time and again that building infrastructure, leadership, and power for marginalized communities creates a contagion of long-term change.

Chastity’s professional North Star and commitment to equity and justice for the past two decades is influenced by her own personal experience as a first-generation college graduate.  Chastity understands that education is not the panacea for inequity but unapologetically credits it to transforming how she dreams and disrupting the cycle of poverty for her own family. 

Chastity has a robust resume working for several organizations including Color of Change, Achievement First and The Posse Foundation before recently landing at Jeremiah Program. She has a BA in organizational communication from the University of Oklahoma and an MBA in strategy and marketing from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. She is a 2012 Pahara-Aspen Fellow with the Aspen Global Leadership Network.

Chastity shares her very profound ideas as we move the conversation around generational poverty from an economic issue to a social justice one.  She also talks about how being effective is more important than being right and shares her inspiring stories from her leadership roles that will you won't want to miss.

You’ll learn about the mission of Jeremiah Program ("JP"), a national nonprofit based in Minneapolis whose mission is helping single moms find success in the workplace and on the home front. JP uses a two-generational model committed to disrupting generational poverty by supporting single moms and their children two generations at time.  

You can learn more about Jeremiah Program at:

Check out these two videos showcasing the amazing new JP programming (scroll down to the bottom of this page)

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