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The Art of Living Well Podcast®

Aug 26, 2020

We are thrilled to bring you today’s guest, Jasmine Stringer, a speaker, lifestyle expert, influencer and strategist. 

In today's conversation we have meaningful discussion with Jasmine about her background and how to become a person of action and of service. She talks about precious moments and her ability to help people live authentic, connected, and mindful lives. She tells us all about her new #sharethemicmn venture and her mission to seize the day.

#SHARETHEMICMN's mission is to amplify the work, lives, and stories of dynamic Brown/Black women residing in Minnesota by expanding the reach of their voices.

Through storytelling, exposure, and relationship development, the #SHARETHEMICMN campaign, founded by Jasmine strives to make Minnesota a more inclusive and equitable state.

Jasmine believes the newly developed relationships will lead to new understanding and insights that will be impactful in tackling and overcoming unconscious biases,  racial injustices and racial inequities. 

#SHARETHEMICN launched on Wednesday, June 24, 2020. Every Wednesday during the month of July we have paired Black/Brown women with allies (men and women) that have agreed to“share their mic,” (their Twitter or Instagram account) for the day. Starting in August, they will continue the “mic shares” bi-monthly on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month through the end of the year. 

You will not want to miss this inspiring conversation!

Jasmine is a keynote speaker, award-winning author of Seize Your Life: How to Carpe Diem Every Day, on-air TV personality and host of the podcast and lifestyle blog Carpe Diem with Jasmine.  In the early 2000s, Jasmine was living her life like so many others — on autopilot, without vision or purpose — until she was given an unexpected gift. A lay off!  As she said goodbye to her “corporate gig” she realized she hadn’t been truly happy or fulfilled in years. So she made a choice not to stay miserable any longer and to do whatever it took to find happiness wherever she could. 

Jasmine leveraged a pivotal moment in her life to learn the true meaning of carpe diem. She found endless, little ways to connect with herself and others through JAZZ’ed UP” DIY projects,  style, entertaining and travel on a budget. Today, Jasmine is on a mission to help people live empowered and authentic lives. Through her Seize Your Life keynotes, workshops, and customized coaching sessions, Jasmine guides clients and audiences through a simple process to identify their goals and achieve their personal definition of success.

Jasmine’s common-sense approach to creating a life of one’s own has inspired thousands of people across the world to carpe diem! Jasmine has shared her positive message to corporate and nonprofit organizations such as Land O’ Lakes, Federal Reserve Bank, Airbnb, Cargill,  Goodwill, Mondelēz International, Bayer and the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management. Jasmine inspires revelation and change by leveraging her experiences working with some of the world’s biggest brands including Kraft Foods, General Mills, Toyota, Box Tops for Education, Fox Searchlight, Publicis Groupe and the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN TV).  Additionally, Jasmine speaks on how to effectively network and how to build synergy and develop interpersonal skills- core tools for living a vision-driven life.

Jasmine is a graduate of American University’s Kogod School of Business in Washington, D.C.  She was named a Twin Cities Fearless Woman in 2017 and a Woman of Promise by the Girl Scouts in 2012. Additionally, she was awarded Distinguished Alumna of American University.  Ebony Magazine featured her as one of its “30 Future Leaders Under the Age of 30 in America.”

Jasmine is based in Minneapolis, but can often be found two hours south of the city working with her husband Roger on their family farm.

You can find Jasmine on:

Jasmine's Workshops



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