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The Art of Living Well Podcast®

Aug 5, 2020

We are beyond excited to share with you today’s episode with the wonderful Jasna Burza. Jasna is an internationally-recognized Life and Business Coach who is passionate about helping people thrive in their lives and businesses.  With over a decade of experience, she has amassed proven resources and strategies for people to achieve meaningful goals and build rich lives. 

As a top Life and Business Coach in Minneapolis, Jasna helps individuals find their life’s purpose and achieve personal and business goals that create meaning and happiness. 

Whether it’s help with life purpose, decision making, life balance, accountability or bringing a vision/business into reality, she will help you focus on your dreams and goals and use strategic and intuitive tools to help you reach your full potential.

Jasna is a smart, savvy, successful person with one of the most optimistic outlooks of anyone we know.  In this conversion Jasna gets very personal and shares her background and journey and how her entire life has prepared her for this current pandemic.  She talks about why she believes that 2020 is the greatest gift of the century and after listening to our conversation we believe that you will too.  We discuss what Jasna believes the universe is trying to tell us through this pandemic and the current Black Lives Matter movement - which is that we all need to reset, pause and slow down. 

She talks about how this current pandemic is showing us all of our dark shadows that have been exacerbated during covid and why we should address them and how looking into ourselves is the key to getting what we truly want. You will be inspired to make 2021 the most amazing year; are you ready?

Jasna believes that we can change who we are and how we see the world.  If your intention is to see the best and brightest in every day then that is exactly what you're going to see.  Life is always going to throw us curve balls but as parents we need to teach our kids resiliency. 

Jasna offers a lot of valuable resources on her website covering topics from discovering your life’s passion, waking up to your authentic self and finding your life's purpose.

Take a free video course how to find your purpose and live a meaningful life at 

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