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The Art of Living Well Podcast®

Jul 8, 2020

We are excited to share today’s guests with you who are here from Lakewinds Food Co-op.  Our conversation is with two members of the marketing team for Lakewinds Food Co-op. Renee Whisnant, is the marketing manager at Lakewinds Co-op in Minneapolis and Jennifer Dean, Events & Community Relations Coordinator. 

For all of our listeners who don’t live in Minneapolis, keep listening as the content we provide goes well beyond this one grocery store as we dive into food co-ops in general, how they differ from the typical grocery store and how they are fostering community and supporting local businesses. This discussion will inspire you to find a co-op in your city and support local farmers and food manufacturers.  

Lakewinds Food Co-op is a cooperative grocery store that specializes in sustainable, organic, and local foods and products.   They are committed to educating folks about their food cooperative and sharing the stories that make Lakewinds so unique.  During this podcast we talk about what exactly is a co-op, what makes it different than other grocery stores and how they support the health and of people and community. Lakewinds became an official co-op in 1975, servings the families who call their corner of the Metro home with the highest-quality organic and sustainably raised food from as close by as we can get it.  They are committed to working to minimize our impact on the earth. Today their thriving co-op has three stores, over 27,000 community owners, and over 300 knowledgeable employees with a contagious passion for real, local food. No membership is required to shop. 

You’ll learn about the high standards that Lakewinds, and other co-ops are committed to which makes your job as a customer easier knowing that the ingredients in the food and health and personal care products.

They share tips and tricks to shopping at co-ops and saving money.  We also talk about how shopping at a co-op supports  your local economy and the farmers, all while reducing the carbon footprint.

For those listening who live in the Twin Cities, we highly recommend that you drop by one of their three stores (Minnetonka, Chanhassen and Richfield) anytime to shop and experience the benefits of shopping at a local co-op. 

They are also running an upcoming sale on all of their supplements.  From July 12-18th you can enjoy 25% off your favorite supplements, including everything from multivitamins to probiotics to protein powder.  Are you confused about what supplements to buy?  Their helpful and knowledgeable staff will help you find a product best for your needs.

You can find Lakewinds on:

IG: @lakewindsfoodcoop

FB: @lakewindsfoodcoop

Tips/brands we mention:

National Co-op Grocers (to find a local co-op near you) Sign up for the eat local pledge we mention in July

The Good Acre

Atlas Provisions


Vika Essentials Organic Skincare 

Field Day Brand products (canned goods/packaged foods)

7 Songs Pesto

EWG -Dirty dozen and Clean 15 lists to allocate your food dollars to those foods found to contain the highest levels of pesticides/chemicals. 

Special Offer For Our Listeners:

Lakewinds is offering a promotion for our listeners, which we forgot to mention in the episode.  Head over to for a $5 off $25 coupon.  

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