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The Art of Living Well Podcast

Feb 26, 2020

Today’s guest is Rebecca Garland, Co-Founder for Fit & Fly Retreat, a company which hosts fitness, wellness, and cultural retreats for women in locations around the world.  Rebecca was an attorney in Seattle  and she practiced law for over 15 years before pursuing her passion for travel, wellness, and bringing groups of women together. 

She has traveled to over 35 countries on five continents, spending a considerable amount of that time traveling solo or attending women's fitness retreats.  Rebecca is also a freelance travel writer. Specializing in solo and group female travel, Rebecca's articles have been published online and in various print magazines and newspapers, including USA Today Travel, Yahoo Travel, Jetset Extra, and Go Girl Guides.

In today's conversation, Rebecca dives into the power of travel and bonding with other women to get outside of their comfort zones.  She shares her first hand experiences about women who have undergone substantial personal growth and awakenings during her retreats.  

Rebecca also shares her own personal journey of leaving her career as an attorney to pursue her passions.  She talks about Fit & Fly Retreat and what that experience was like for her, including her tips for others looking to make similar career moves.

You will be inspired by our conversation with Rebecca to push yourself outside of your comfort zone and experience the transformative changes that can occur through the power of a women-focused wellness retreat.

You can find Fit & Fly Retreats on: 

Instagram: @fitandflygirl

Here is the 2020 lineup of Fit & Fly Retreats:

January 18th - 25th:  Costa Rica

April 11th - 18th:  Tuscany

May 23rd - 30th:  Ibiza, Spain

May 30th - June 6th:  Bali

September 26th - October 3rd:  Morocco

October 3rd - 10th:  Morocco

Rebecca is offering our listeners 10% off for first-time Fit & Fly Retreat guests.  Stay tuned for more one day and domestic retreats in 2021 as well.

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