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The Art of Living Well Podcast®

Jan 4, 2023

Happy New Year! As we kick-off 2023, we want to let you know how grateful we are for our listeners and we wish each of you a happy, healthy and wonderful year.

In today's episode we discuss one of our favorite topics, the new year's health trends. See our exciting list below, and listen to this episode where we dive deeper into each of these trends and provide tips and resources on how to implement them into your life.

1) Sleep hygiene - This is nothing new, but we dive into a few devices to help you improve your sleep, including, the Oura ring, weighted blankets and more.  Listen to our sleep episode here.

2) Eating dinner early to improve your digestion and sleep.

3) Hybrid workouts and movement - Movement "snacks", mixing up home workouts and in-person classes, lower intensity workouts for mental and physical health (yoga, pilates, walking).

4) Community-based wellness.  Build community through not only workout studios but spas, spiritual centers, or mental health spots.  The Watershed in Minneapolis is a beautify new spot to experience a bath ritual alone or with friends.

5) Become sober curious and explore your relationship with alcohol.  Check out our episode with Jen Gilhoi where we dive into this topic further. Consider taking a few weeks off from alcohol in January to see how you feel.

6) Take a digital detox. Check out episode 145 with Tracy Foster for more tips to reduce your technology usage.

7) Consuming adequate protein -  Many of us, (especially women), are not getting enough protein each day for optimum health and longevitiy.  Check out our episode with Angelo Keely, co-founder of Kion Aminos  Marnie and Stephanie both take their Amino Acids daily. Use code ARTOFLIVING for discount.

8) Microdosing and "alternative beverages" - Check out our episode with Alison Crosthwait

We are excited to welcome the new year and we wish you all the best!  Drop us a note and share which of these trends you want to focus on in 2023.

xoxo - Marnie and Stephanie


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