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The Art of Living Well Podcast®

Jan 29, 2020

In this episode we had a wonderful conversation with Modo Yoga and Seed Cafe owners Phil and Ryann Doucette.

We learned how both businesses came to be and how they were built with the idea of building a non-harming community. 

"Modo Yoga Studio is a community of inspired students, joined together by our love of yoga, our commitment to protecting the earth, and our drive to bring more peace into the world. We are a place for all."

We learn about the yoga concept of ahimsa, which means nonviolence and non-harming to other living beings.  Phil shares his transformation of becoming more aware of his physical body and mindset through yoga, which resulted in becoming less angry and more peaceful.  Both Phil and Ryann share how you can create a practice of reducing harm and creating more peace, both to ourselves and others.   They will share simple tips and techniques to incorporate ahimsa into your daily lives.

In 2013 Phil and Ryann got divorced and the dream of opening the cafe got put on hold.  They spent the next years rebuilding their family in a new way.  Their work was always rooted in love and respect, as they jokingly called it the ‘yoga divorce’.  They used all the things they learned in the practice of yoga to help move forward in a healthy way and eventually they opened the plant-based Seed Cafe (which is delicious and located in Minneapolis).

Seed Cafe was a twelve year dream that came to life a few years ago as they both knew that food was a powerful way to bring people together. 

You can find Modo Yoga and Seed Cafe on:

IG: @seedcafempls @modoyogampls



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