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The Art of Living Well Podcast®

Jan 8, 2020

In this episode you will hear from Erin Newkirk, who is an award-winning innovator with rich leadership in tech, consumer packaged goods, and healthcare. 

Erin is one of Twin Cities Business' 100 People to Know and she is relentless in driving recognition for the companies she champions, notably Entrepreneur Magazine's 100 Brilliant Companies (Red Stamp), Forbes' Next Billion Dollar Start-Up (Bright Health), and Minne Inno's 2019 'Inno on Fire" (Local Crate). 

Built on 25 years of vibrant work/life experience, Erin created and champions a holistic growth model that will help you and your team put strategies in place to maximize your potential in work and life.

We are excited to share with you Erin’s latest business endeavor, Satya, an initiative she says is based on “helping founders and leaders succeed through speaking their truth and getting them to the point where they are working their best life. “

We have no doubt that whatever you do or wherever you are on your life’s journey that you will be inspired by our conversation with Erin.

We talk about work life balance, why it gets such a bad rap and how you can be intentional to make your career and a vibrant life work together in tandem with each other.

Erin guides us through a short exercise to create your very best day, which we highly recommend you do as well.

Erin also tells us about Maitri (my-tree), which represents loving-kindness.  We talk about how you can find moments to insert self-care while sharing kindness in your daily life.

Erin's latest program launching in early 2020 is Satya Advisory, a carefully crafted protocol she created that will help you grow your business and feel great while you do it.   To find out more information and sign-up for this program head over to

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