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The Art of Living Well Podcast®

Mar 11, 2020

Fred Haberman is a social entrepreneur, an agent for change in the good-food movement, and the CEO of the mission-driven marketing agency, Haberman, a full-service marketing firm. In the last 25 years he and his agency have helped bring organic food into the mainstream, spurring the growth of brands like Annie’s, Organic Valley and Earthbound Farm, and supporting the work of the Organic Trade Association, National Cooperative Grocers Association, and the McKnight Foundation’s food-security programs. As one of the co-founders of Urban Organics, a USDA-certified-organic aquaponics farm that uses just two percent of the water used in traditional agriculture, Fred’s on the leading edge of a movement for more sustainable agriculture. 

Speaking of movements, Fred’s started a few from scratch, namely the U.S. Pond Hockey Championships and employer-sponsored gardens, as well as his latest venture, Freak Flag Organics, a USDA Certified Organic food company that produces densely packed condiments, pestos and soups with globally-inspired flavors.

This is one of our favorite conversations thus far on the podcast. We know that you will be blown away and inspired by today's episode with Fred.  Our discussion goes deeper than his noteworthy credentials.  We dive into Fred's background and how his role models and experiences have shaped his social and entrepreneurial endeavors and how he's passionate about making a difference in the world.    Fred talks about the power of human interaction and why we should all incorporate more of of this into our lives.

Fred shares how you can unlock your creativity in the kitchen, which is what has inspired his new line of organic sauces and condiments.

Fred is a strong believer of having someone to talk to, the power of therapy and taking care of yourself through a gratitude practice, meditation, movement and eating well.

You'll learn how to step into your passion and be yourself. 

You can find Fred on:

IG: @freakflagorganics

FB: @freakflagorganics

You can find Freak Flag Organics condiments in Minneapolis at Lunds & Byerlys, local co-ops and

We’d love to hear from you how this episode has sparked you to pursue your passion and ignite your intellectual curiosity.

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