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The Art of Living Well Podcast®

Jun 16, 2021

We are thrilled to welcome Sara Whicher and Marcy Townsend the co-founders of Chisel Architecture. 

The team at Chisel provides architectural custom design and a custom process. In their award-winning work while with Midwest-based design firms, eight years together at two firms and seven years at four additional firms, they’ve acquired an incredible breadth of expertise. They have a track record of proven success as lead designers and project managers with honed technical skills in material specs, drafting, construction documentation; and intuitive personal skills in client and consultant management and communications.  

Marcy and  Sara are dedicated client advocates from start to finish. This means that their problem-solving skill sets are always engaged and they shape conversations around the intimacy of design. It means they fully understand the symbiotic relationships between the homeowner who will live in and love their space, the talented craftspeople who contribute exquisite detail, agile builders who modify with flexibility, and lead architects and designers who orchestrate the entire project to make it sing.

Chisel Architecture created a unique process they coined The Pattern of Life, which really sets their firm apart. This three step process brings out their clients preferences, routines and ways of being every day so that they can live well. 

We had so much fun talking with Sara and Marcy and learning about the very personalized process, called Pattern of Life, that they go through with all of their clients.  We learned that what sets Chisel Architecture apart is how they really listen to their clients, they watch people's body language and ask questions so that their clients get the results they want to enjoy their life in the new space. We can’t wait for you to experience how enjoyable, fun and fulfilling the architectural and design process can be for a homeowner, whether it’s a new home or a smaller remodel.  Even if you’re not looking to embark on a project right now, you will learn so much from this conversation as Sara and Marcy share their tips for anyone who is thinking about making even the smallest change to their space.

Chisel architecture has a special offer for our listeners.  Simply email and mention this podcast to receive $50 off your two-hour consultation.  Consultations must be booked by June 30th to take advantage of this offer. 

At the time we recorded this episode, Chisel Architecture was working toward having the home in mentioned in the podcast conversation on the Artisan Tour. The home is no longer on the Artisan Tour, however, the good news is that this same home will be on the 2021 Midwest Home Luxury Home Tour, which runs July 30- August 1, August 6-8 and August 13-15 (noon-6pm each day).  The home is located at 5104 Thotland Road, Golden Valley, MN.

You can find Chisel Architecture on:

Instagram: @chiselarchitecture

FB: @chiselarch

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This episode is brought to you by Appetite for Change, a non-profit in North Minneapolis that uses food as a tool for health, wealth, and social change. To learn more about AFC, listen to Episode 31 of our podcast with one of their co-founders Michelle Horovitz, as well as our bonus episodes with co-founder Princess Haley.

For more information or to donate head on over to or visit them on instagram and facebook @appetiteforchange.  

This episode is also brought to you by Chisel Architecture, a unique firm in the Twin Cities whose trademarked design approach, called Pattern of Life, is a game changer for homeowners.  Co-Founders, Sara and Marcy focus on functionality for your home environment and believe that your overall well-being should be in the mix.  Chisel architecture has a special offer for our listeners.  Simply email and mention this podcast to receive $50 off your two-hour consultation.  Consultations must be booked by June 30th to take advantage of this offer. 

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