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The Art of Living Well Podcast®

Feb 17, 2021

We are thrilled to welcome back, Karen Hurd, Nutritionist and Biochemist. She has been practicing nutrition for 30 years and has helped over 30K people reclaim their health through her services, including her e-courses. The first time we talked with Karen was in the spring of 2020, where we introduced her and she shared her life and very personal story about what led her to do this work.  She talked about her nutrition philosophy and how to heal the body through the power of food. We highly recommend that you listen to episode #39 with Karen as it was our most popular episode so far.  She is full of so much wisdom and insight, and we love how Karen is so deep into the science, in particular with Covid-19, which she’ll share with us today.

Karen, in addition to her nutritional training, holds her masters degree in biochemistry. Her philosophy in approaching health is that of Hippocrates (the father of modern medicine) when he said, "Let food be thy medicine, and thy medicine be food." Karen applies her knowledge at the biomolecular level to understand the cause of the health problems we face and what dietary and lifestyle changes are needed to correct that cause and unlock our best health.

In today's episode Karen shares her immunity building tips including an in depth discussion about the Covid-19 virus.  We discuss her immunity building protocol, which includes food (and yes we’ll discuss sugar) but also simple lifestyle tips to help ward off any viruses, or reduce the symptoms if you do contract one.   We even talk about her view on doing a polar plunge and what temperature she recommends that you keep your room at night.

Karen’s goal is to live to 120 years old and she does everything in her power each day to help her live as long as she possibly can, which she shares with us in our conversation.

Karen also shares her perspective on the Covid-19 vaccine, which we know is top of mind right now, as we enter the second year of this pandemic.  

Karen has an exciting update as she is in the process of creating a free app to provide people with the health studies relating to Covid-19, the pandemic, the vaccine and other news to help reduce the fear that many people are experiencing. We talk about the role that stress and fear play on your health, which we know is at an all time high.

This episode is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice.  Should you need information on the Covid-19 virus please visit the CDC website for guidance. Please seek professional guidance from your medical/health care provider.

If you want to learn about Karen's upcoming app you can watch her video here and check out her GoFundMe page 

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The Bean Queen’s Cookbook

And They Said it Wasn’t Possible

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