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The Art of Living Well Podcast®

Jun 10, 2020

Today’s guest is Michele Vig, who is a  Professional Organizer

Michele Vig, an accomplished executive in corporate America for two decades, founded Neat Little Nest to follow her personal passion to help unlock people from their clutter and to create the beautifully organized spaces they’ve always dreamed about. 

Michele and her business have been featured in a variety of new media including Domino Magazine, the Minneapolis Star Tribune, St. Paul Pioneer Press, Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine, KARE 11 TV, WCCO-TV, FOX 9 TV, as WCCO, and MY TALK radio. 

Michele is one of a handful of KonMari certified decluttering professionals at a gold level or higher and is a recognized member of the National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals. She is one of Minnesota’s top 50 women in business as well as a featured “40 under 40” in Minneapolis Business Journal. 

Michelle has recently written a book called “The Holistic Guide to Decluttering” that will be published this Fall on the notion that there are three forms of clutter - space, time and mind that are intricately linked. In order to holistically declutter your life, you need to dig into each of these areas, which she will dive into today.  Organizing is much of an art that is unique to everyone. 

Michelle opens up and shares her own personal journey and what led her to embark on her professional organization business.  Of course we talk about many hot topics when it comes to decluttering, such as, photos, paper and objects that carry emotional attachment.  Michelle shares her unique and personalized approach to working with clients, whereby she asks thoughtful questions to get to the root of what’s causing the clutter or disorganized space.  She helps her clients get "unstuck" and work through the history and stories embedded in the physical objects that are often difficult to remove from their homes.

The advice she shares through her own personal experience as well as working with numerous clients, will inspire you to listen to your heart, slow down and hit pause when needed, in order to find peace in your day to day life.  This episode is perfectly placed during this current environment and we encourage each of you to find one piece of advice to implement into your life today to bring you joy.  Drop us a note and let us know what you will do this week to help you find more joy in your life.

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