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The Art of Living Well Podcast®

Nov 15, 2023

Today's podcast is overall a lighter episode, discussing what we are drinking, eating and how we're moving our bodies this Fall. Additionally, we discuss our upcoming 14-Day Winter Liver Detox that will kick-off on January 7th, 2024.

A few topics discussed:

  • Marnie shares how she's been feeling this past month since the Hamas terrorist attacks on Israel. This has been an extremely emotional, unsettling and anxious time for many people. 
  • Learn what Stephanie & Marnie are both drinking this Fall to stay warm, cozy and hydrated.
  • Learn how Marnie & Stephanie shift what they eat as the temperatures drop and the in- season dishes they've been enjoying. Stephanie shares a yummy fall harvest salad using produce from her winter CSA.
  • Hear how your hosts have shifted the way they're moving their bodies and have become more intentional about tuning into what they need.  See below for the 4-minute workout link mentioned in this episode.
  • Marnie and Stephanie share how they are going to be training next year for the 29029 experience in Mont-Treblant. 😊

Helpful links and resources:


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