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The Art of Living Well Podcast®

Sep 7, 2022

We are thrilled to introduce today's guest, Jen Gilhoi. Jen is an event experience strategist and founder of Sparktrack, (, where she’s been focusing on event experiences, the follow-up, and strategic story writing for a decade. In her life and work she is fascinated with the art of gathering and intentional conversations. She especially loves lingering behind and reliving moments others have long since moved on from. It’s in her DNA.

In 2014, she moved on from active addiction and began a sober lifestyle. As an introvert and moderate empath, she’s discovered that the written word is her avenue to invite others into inquiry and shatter stigmas around addiction. 

She launched her personal brand, in 2021, to focus on shifting the narrative around sobriety to #SoberNotSomber. Jen invites self and social inquiry into alcohol use and shatters stigmas through her writing, conversations, and inclusive events.  Her work in the sober space is not about self-help and peer-to-peer support; rather it’s about creating healthier environments that support a wide range of sober choices.

She’s also a board member of Dissonance, an organization that promotes mental health and recovery in and through the arts. 

Jen’s mission is to normalize not drinking and to bring conversations around alcohol-free workplaces and alcohol-free happy hours to corporate events.

This is such a powerful and relevant conversation talking about how we as a society can normalize not drinking and how to become sober curious, even if you choose to drink alcohol.  

In this episode you will learn:

  • Jen's three pillars to becoming sober, which include working with yourself, working with your peers and working on your environment.
  • How to explore your relationship with alcohol and experiment with not drinking in small doses.
  • The mindset shift that needs to occur to overcome the fear of missing out (FOMO) or the misconception that you have to drink to be fun.
  • Why more people are becoming "sober curious" and how you don't have to be an alcoholic to choose not to drink.  
  • How to create a sober life without having to "white knuckle" it through your transition.
  • How shame and stigma are often associated with becoming sober.
  • How your environment can be a barrier to having a social experience.
  • How to have conversations with your teens about alcohol use and modeling good behavior.

This is an eye opening and powerful conversation that you won't want to miss!

Resources Jen mentions:

"Quit Like a Woman"

"We are the Luckiest"

Ritual Zero Proof

ABV technology

Bauhausbrewlabs -located in Minneapolis this brewery carries five different NA beers on tap


You can find Jen on:  Subscribe to her enewsletter to get info on alcohol-free events; recommendations on best MSP bars/restaurant AF experience; and updates on the Zero Proof Collective MSP



Twitter: @jenhilhoi


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