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The Art of Living Well Podcast®

Aug 24, 2022

We are excited to welcome today's guest, Tony Hudson.  As President and Founder of Racially Conscious Collaboration™, Tony Hudson helps leaders and organizations explore how race matters and assists them in becoming racially conscious inclusive organizations.

Driven by a purpose to align people and resources to center racial consciousness and intersectional equity in relationships and collaboration, Tony developed the Systemic Racially Conscious Collaboration™ Framework; a suite of research-based tools structured to assist people and organizations in transformation.

Before founding Racially Conscious Collaboration™ Tony spent the last twelve years successfully ushering organizations through racial consciousness development and organizational change. His clients included Fortune 500 companies, school districts, health care organizations, non-government, and municipal entities. Tony is currently completing a dissertation documenting the experiences of leaders that have engaged in successful systemic racial equity transformation with his help as a consultant.

Before his work as a consultant, Tony led systemic racial equity transformation work for the Osseo School District of Minnesota as the Director of Equity. Before that, he was a Head Principal and led his school to the 99th percentile in Minnesota for the rate at which they were eliminating racial disparities. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • Tony’s remarkable journey from his youth in Omaha, which included belonging to a nationally organized gang, to becoming a school principal and ultimately founding Racially Conscious Collaboration™.
  • How the education system often makes assumptions about students of color and their intellectual capacity and how educators can look beyond what traditional school expects and support them to excel in their own way.
  • Why diversity and inclusion efforts often fail and how the program he’s created and his work with organizations is having a profound impact on creating a more humane world.
  • How to lean in and have a conversation about racism (and why it’s critical to create a more humane world).
  • How our emotions (including fear) play a role in how we can become more racially conscience and simple tips to normalize your emotions so you can have a healthy dialogue about race.

Resources we mention:

You can learn more about Tony and Racially Conscience Collaboration:

IG: @RaciallyConsciousCollaboration

FB: @tonyhudson



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