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The Art of Living Well Podcast®

Mar 27, 2020

We are coming on today as a bonus episode to address our mental health in this crazy and stressful time.  Is there anyone out there not feeling anxious right now? Most of us have not lived through scarcity or a government mandated lockdown in our lifetimes.  

In today’s episode we speak to Kirsten Rewey, a psychotherapist who works with a diverse clientele.  She is passionate about working with adults who struggle with relationship concerns, anxiety or depression, and also enjoys assisting teens and families in crisis. She has provided mental health services within family programs through Hennepin County, as well as in K-12 educational settings.  Kirsten is also experienced in play and art therapy for children and uses a range of narrative, cognitive behavioral and mindfulness approaches. She offers a collaborative, welcoming therapeutic environment in which clients feel safe to tell their story.

Kirsten graduated from the University of Minnesota School of Social Work, and has more than 15 years of professional experience. A mother of three, she understands the multitude of challenges facing working moms and is passionate about helping her clients get to the next level.

We dive deep into a discussion about mental health and specifically anxiety, which is on the rise across the globe given our current world health crisis.  Kirsten shares how we can use anxiety as a tool and a guide and not something to ignore or fear.   We discuss the ways that we are managing and taking care of ourselves and our loved ones, since this is what we have control over. She shares narratives from her clients and what she's seeing in the community and within her own family, which provide all of us solace in knowing that we are not alone. 

We dive into how parents can navigate these unchartered times with their kids and family as well as the importance to not pass judgement on others.   We all must remember that everyone is doing the best we can with what they've got.  Kirsten shares how having open and honest communication with family, friends and others during these times will help reduce everyone's stress and anxiety.  And let's not forget that reducing stress will promote an increase in our overall wellness and our immune system.

Kirsten shares her insight, her "101 Therapy Tools" and helpful advice that all of us can use to bring more calm into our life; not just in today's current environment but for a lifetime.

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We’d love to hear how this episode has helped calm your anxiety and which of the tools Kirsten shared you will try out to help ease your worries. Jump on over to IG and share in your stories and tag #theartoflivingwellpodcast.

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